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I made a deposit of 800 rubles, and the application was stupidly canceled, I wrote to support, they told me that if it didn't come in 2 hours, write to support again, I wrote and waited an hour for an answer , they didn't really answer me , after 10 hours I decided to write to support again , and they wrote about that they created a new ticket and the response will arrive during this time , from 24 to 48 hours , as the support wrote , at least wait another 24 hours , what a mockery , what a boorish attitude , why should I wait 800 rubles for more than 10 hours if I fulfilled the replenishment conditions correctly , what nonsense ??!!! As before, I made deposits of 30 and 40 thousand rubles and more , so everything came at once , and now you sit and wait , what a mess ???





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