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support refusing to handle my issue and told me he cant provide support with my issue


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As i am describeing with my issue here i just make a deposit Doge coin and when the deposit hit the account it was placed max bet at crash in a blink of an eye i immentiatly  contact support and gues what they dont provide my support and they are accusing me that i am telling them lies about the bet and i have done it manualy read the chat below 

Conversation with BC Game
Started on January 24, 2024 at 05:16 PM Beijing time CST (GMT+0800)


05:16 PM | 7675491: English

05:16 PM | COCO: Welcome to BC.GAME Support. How can we help?

05:17 PM | 7675491: Game Issue

05:17 PM | COCO: Please describe your issue

05:17 PM | COCO: In the meantime, these articles might help:

05:17 PM | COCO: [Article: "A Comprehensive Guide to the Deposit Bonus at BC GAME"] 
 [Article: "A Detailed Guide to KYC Verification"] 
 [Article: "Lucky Spin - All Your Questions Answered"] 
More in the Help Center (https://help.bc.game?conversation_id=2252686&utm_content=suggestions-fallback&utm_source=operator)

05:17 PM | 7675491: hi there

05:17 PM | 7675491: something went wron with deposit and betting

05:20 PM | 7675491: i just deposit this

05:20 PM | 7675491: d4cfe6abe60ff618790b110eaab5c6e25e0cab201a7edafc99ee24fc179d450e

05:20 PM | 7675491: Txid

05:21 PM | 7675491: 1788962704457562951 bet id on crash

05:21 PM | 7675491: 117 doges with out reasson

05:21 PM | 7675491: and my balance is empty

05:22 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: Hello, this is Mkulet, hope you are doing well today? I'm here to help you with your issue

05:22 PM | 7675491: hi there

05:23 PM | 7675491: something happen with my balance or game issue

05:23 PM | 7675491: duno what happen exactly

05:23 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: i check that you are playing normally on Crash and the game will not place its own bet without the player's command.

05:23 PM | 7675491: i just deposit some doges

05:23 PM | 7675491: sorry i didnt make a bet

05:23 PM | 7675491: it was saying influence balance

05:24 PM | 7675491: didnt miss click and max bet

05:25 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: Sir, it seems that after continuously losing on the cave you switched to the game of crash and ended up losing the remaining balance from your deposit. We cannot see anything wrong with how you were playing normally.

05:25 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: Please kindly review your billing history, sir. You will see the amount of your bet increasing with each loss.

05:25 PM | 7675491: i dint lose on cave

05:25 PM | 7675491: but any ways that not my problem

05:25 PM | 7675491: my problem is that i lost my balance on crash

05:26 PM | 7675491: after wards

05:26 PM | 7675491: i make a deposit

05:26 PM | 7675491: and the balance instalnty missing

05:26 PM | 7675491: i didnt place any bets

05:27 PM | 7675491: what wappen?

05:28 PM | 7675491: BET
Game ID: (6722291)
    1/24/2024, 11:16:24 AM    
    1/24/2024, 11:15:30 AM    

05:28 PM | 7675491: as you can see on this i check my transaction

05:28 PM | 7675491: it says i have bett all the deposit ammount on crash

05:32 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: You clicked "max bet" for this bet, but unfortunately the bet was lost.

05:32 PM | 7675491: sorry i dint click max bet

05:32 PM | 7675491: cause if i did

05:33 PM | 7675491: my balance will be lost all of it

05:33 PM | 7675491: and there is 0.5374 doge coin on the balance

05:33 PM | 7675491: max bet places all the amount

05:33 PM | 7675491: and you get a warning on the screen if you place max bet

05:33 PM | 7675491: thats what i am telling to you

05:36 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: Sir, there are several ways to increase your bet. You can double it or choose from the options of 10, 100, 1000, or 10000. By clicking on one of these options, your bet will become larger than what you were expecting.

05:36 PM | 7675491: yea i am awere of that

05:37 PM | 7675491: the think is that i have just deposit and when i try to place the bet the game says influence balance

05:37 PM | 7675491: and my hole balance is missing

05:38 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: Based on our records, you manually made the bet and our system has registered the amount you entered. Please make sure to double check the amount of your bet before clicking the BET button, as once the game has started, there is no option to cancel it even if the amount you added incorrect.

05:38 PM | 7675491: and it says i place a bet on crash that i dint make

05:38 PM | 7675491: how can i assure you about that i didnt place the bet that i have just depo

05:38 PM | 7675491: based on your records?

05:39 PM | 7675491: look at the timers

05:39 PM | 7675491: on the depo and the game bet

05:39 PM | 7675491: its like some seconds and boom the balance is missing

05:40 PM | 7675491: sorry are you here to support me ?

05:40 PM | 7675491: is my vip lvl count on support?

05:41 PM | 7675491: was it from lag or something ? i am telling you that i didnt place the bet what else can i say ? rly

05:44 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: We apologize, but the game will not place an auto bet without your permission. We understand your frustration, but you manually placed your bet and have the option to cancel it before the game starts. However, you did not cancel it even when the game was running and had not ended. 
 I apologize, but there is nothing wrong with the bet you placed. We deducted the amount based on your bet.

05:45 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: We do not provide compensation for lost bets due to incorrect bet amounts on your end. Please always double check your bet amount before clicking the BET option to avoid this type of issue in the future.

05:46 PM | 7675491: are you accusing me that i am lying too you?

05:46 PM | 7675491: you said you are here to assist me with my problem

05:47 PM | 7675491: i could have manage to cancel the bet if i could see it

05:47 PM | 7675491: that why i am here and asking you for support on this other wise i could handle my self with my bets

05:48 PM | 7675491: so in other words you just said to me that you are unable to provide support

05:52 PM | Mkulet from BC Game: I am not accusing you of lying, sir. However, our system and records show that you set this amount on your end. We accepted the bet based on the amount you set. It is possible that you were not aware that you clicked the shortcut to increase the amount. Unfortunately, since the bet has already been lost, there is no option to return the funds. Even if the bet was added incorrectly.

05:55 PM | 7675491: so how can you support me?

05:55 PM | 7675491: i am telling you about my issue here

05:57 PM | 7675491: so i have encountered this problem and i am trying to explain my self and what happen and you still say to me that there is no support on my issue from you

Exported from BC Game on January 24, 2024 at 05:58 PM Beijing time CST (GMT+0800)

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