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I'm ok with North Korea


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First I'd like to say have nothing against people of North Korea as a whole, I'm sure there are many good good people in North Korea. However are you good people at BC game mad??? Their country is run by a leader who would like nothing better than to see the West crumble under the Bootheel of Communist dictatorship. Just the fear of a Cyber attack from the armies of this megalomaniac would have been enough for me to either deny entry to your lovely Casino, which I agree is not the brotherly way or at least Vet them in such a way that only the purest of heart would get through. They have children training from kindergarten to college level on how to screw things up I.E computer Systems , monetary platforms I'm sure both Fiat and crypto , basically how to throw a wrench to any system that would severely affect the free West if it were to crash.  Now you're asking them to leave? Oh boy, and I'm sure they're (glorious leader) that's what they like to be referred to as, never gave them permission in the first place

            In my opinion The good people of North Korea who managed to find this sanctuary, providing they are found to be honest good people like I believe most North Koreans are, should be allowed to stay. Let's hope they don't get found out by aforementioned glorious leader or his thugs, or we all may suffer the consequences. I wish you good people of North Korea good luck in the cold I'm rooting for you and please don't hack me. Regards.     Wskrilla

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